Adjustable Hand Grip
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Adjustable Hand Grip

Product Details
  • Innovative process gives attractive two-tone finish.
  • Adjustable for varied resistance levels.
  • Worldwide patent pending.

Hand grips are compact and portable level-type devices that you squeeze in order to build up arm strength and muscle. Athletes mainly use them to increase their ability to excel at their chosen sport. Most sports involve the concepts of moving weights or transferring the power of your body through the hands. Hand grips allow you to build up your lower arms and this works to make you a better athlete, whether your sport is football, martial arts, weightlifting baseball or even golf. Many of these sports depend on high lower arm strength and working out with hand grips helps you develop this strength. Here are four benefit of using hand grips:

  • More forearm muscularity
  • Hand endurance
  • Increased hand strength
  • Improved dextrerity

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